Targeting the Rich

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Targeting the Rich: Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth

Survey Shows Wealthy Have Growing Concerns But Underestimate Danger
of Multi-Million-Dollar Verdicts

In these highly uncertain economic times, the issue of disparities in wealth,
income, and taxation has become the subject of heated debate. As the controversy
deepens and proliferates, newly released research by ACE Private Risk Services,
the high net worth personal insurance business of the ACE Group, shows that
many high net worth families are concerned this environment is heightening the
risk they will be the target of a high-stakes liability lawsuit. Their wealth, they
increasingly fear, can attract lawsuits. Aside from the financial impact, high net
worth individuals fear the stress of protracted legal proceedings and risk damage to
their reputations and ability to earn an income.

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